Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023 to 2050

Our Amazon (AMZN) stock price forecasts will assist you in determining the current market position of the stock as well as its potential future course. We'll look Amazon stock price predictions in this article for the years 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040, and 2050.

What is Amazon ?

As one of the most well-known and valuable brands in the world, we are confident that you are already familiar with Amazon. The business was started by Jeff Bezos as an online book marketplace in 1994, and it has since grown into a large technological enterprise.

Amazon has been described as “one of the world’s most powerful economic and cultural forces”. E-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence are the company's main areas of interest. It is regarded as one of the "big five" American technological corporations, along with Apple, Alphabet, Meta, and Microsoft.

Amazon has been on the right course since its inception. Despite beginning modest, it has expanded to include a number of businesses, such as the entertainment and self-driving car sectors. It has one of the best business models and is a forward-thinking organization. Currently, Amazon has over 30 subsidiaries, all of which provide a distinct kind of contribution to the company's expanding global reach.

Company Name, Inc.

Stock Name


Founded in

5 July 1994


Seattle, Washington, United States


Jeff Bezos


46,980 crores USD (2021)

Market Capitalization

908.86 billion USD

Primary Exchange


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Amazon (AMZN) Stock Analysis

In May 1997, the company had its first public offering of stock. At that time, the price of the first public offering (IPO) was $1.28 per share. Amazon stock is now worth more than $82 a share, over 25 years later.

Amazon shares have recently increased in anticipation of the sector's fourth quarter 2018 and 2021 earnings announcements. The company reported net revenues of $137.4 billion for the entire fourth quarter of 2021. That is an admirable 9% increase from the figure it gave for the same time period in 2020. Net income increased by over a quarter during the same time period under review, going from $7.2 billion to $14.3 billion.

Amazon's (AMZN) stock price was cut in half in 2022 as a result of risk aversion and concerns about a worldwide recession. The price of Amazon shares has not been this high since the market turbulence in March 2020. The stock saw a bull run in 2021, rising to an intraday high record of $188.65 on July 13. A different image has been portrayed for 2022, with the AMZN stock losing 50% in the year due to the Ukrainian conflict, high inflation, and aggressive monetary tightening.

Amazon Earnings Forecast

Amazon's expected quarterly earnings are $0.23, with a range of -$0.03 to $0.36. EPS for the prior quarter was $0.03. In the last 12 months, AMZN exceeded its EPS estimate 25.00% of the time, while the industry as a whole exceeded its EPS estimate 60.98% of the time. Amazon has underperformed its industry as a whole during the past year.

Amazon Sales Forecast

AMZN expects its sales to total $124.68 billion, with a range of $121.00 billion to $127.80 billion. Sales figures for the preceding quarter were $149.20B. In the previous 12 months, AMZN exceeded sales projections 50.0% of the time, while the industry as a whole did so 66.93% of the time. Amazon has underperformed its industry as a whole during the past year.

Amazon Stock Forecast 2023 to 2050

The current price of AMZN stock is 98.265$ as of 2023 February 10. Our prediction method projects the stock's future price to be $237.33 after a year. This suggests that if you made an investment of $100 today, it could be worth $237.33 on February 10 of 2024. This indicates that adding this company to your portfolio would be a good idea since trading bullish markets is always more simpler. These forecasts consider a number of factors, including volume changes, price changes, market cycles, and comparable stocks.


Lowest Price

Medium Price

Highest Price









































Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023

According to our calculations and forecasts, the price of Amazon stock will reach a high of $215.95 by 2023 and a low of $186.88. However, assuming a stable market, we predict that the stocks will settle at an average price of $201.83, which will be higher than it was the year before.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2024

Our team of experts conducted thorough market research and analysis, and they predict that the AMZN share will hit a record high of $271.72 in 2023. Although it might decrease, it can only go down to $237.33, thus it will still increase over the prior year. If the market remains stable and shows no movement, the average sale price of the Amazon stock will be $253.94. Consequently, 2023 will be a great year to sell your assets and increase your profits if you are an experienced investor.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2025

For all stockholders who have put money and effort into Amazon, we believe 2024 will be a terrific year. The stocks' all-time high and low are, respectively, $353.50 and $308.50. The shares will stabilize at $330.00 if the economy, in an extraordinary situation, maintains stability and does not go high or low.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2026

It will be a very good choice to take into account whether you decide to purchase or sell Amazon stock in 2026. However, because market risk is always there in all forms of trading and investing, we advise prudent spending. However, based on our projections, Amazon will charge a maximum of $440.50 and a minimum of $376.76 in 2026. The market is still steady, though, and the economy continues to support it. This stock will keep an average price of $403.14.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2027

For all owners of Amazon shares, 2027 will be a year of luck and hope. Your shares will each reach a maximum high and low of $530.57 and $463.42, respectively. The stock will be priced at $495.86, though, if we take into account a steady economy, which is something that many people hope for. This implies that stock values will soar tremendously in 2027.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2028

The cost of Amazon shares appears to be rising dramatically with each passing year. Thus, keeping with the same pattern, the highest rank in 2028 will be $636.68, while the lowest sink would be $556.10. In 2028, we project that the average price of this stock will be around $595.03.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2029

For AMZN shareholders, the year 2029 appears to be equally profitable. The record-breaking high price for the year will be $795.85, and the low will be about $695.13. But each shareholder will receive $743.79 to the steady market.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2030

Given that Amazon is among the most creative businesses in the world, we predict long-term success for the company. We also anticipate a significant increase in the stock market by 2030. According to analysts, Amazon will reach $1,020 in 2030. In the first quarter of the year, it is projected that the price of an Amazon share will rise to $1,166. It is anticipated that the company's stock will increase to $1,090 per share over the ensuing six months.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2040

The price of an Amazon stock would be multiplicative at its maximum point in 2040. It will rise to a maximum of $5,600 and a minimum of $4,880. In comparison to previous years, these prices are significantly higher. This stock will maintain an average price of $5,225.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2050

The highest price for an Amazon stock will be $10,242.47, and the lowest price will be $8,186.80 in 2050. In comparison to previous years, these prices are significantly higher. This stock will maintain an average price of $9,179.88. Therefore, if you own shares of Amazon, get ready to become as wealthy as Richie in 2050.

Should I Buy Amazon Stock ?

Yes, you should buy Amazon shares. Stock in Amazon (AMZN) is a profitable investment. It enables the general public to own a portion of one of the most valuable brands in the entire globe.

There is no reason to disregard AMZN, especially given how well Amazon has done as a global corporation and how well its shares have done on the stock market. It has consistently performed well, and according to our projections, it will do much better in the years to come. It might not produce the kinds of gains that you might receive with cryptocurrencies, but it is a relatively safe investment choice that will enable you to gradually amass wealth while being a stakeholder of a technology firm that is making history.

Bull Case for Amazon

The ability of Amazon to operate at scale to increase revenues and profit has been the most important factor in the company's success. Constant investment in research and development as well as the discovery of new business prospects are two of the main ways it accomplishes this. The digitalization of retail and telemedicine are two important avenues that Amazon has focused on recently.

For payments without a cashier, Amazon has created Just Walk Out and Amazon Go. According to Global Market Insights, the self-checkout system market alone is anticipated to grow to over $10 billion by 2030. Amazon Care is a new direction the corporation has taken in the tele-health sector, which Grand View Research estimates will be valued over $787 billion by 2028. This is a key component of the Amazon business strategy and accounts for a sizeable amount of its overall revenue.

Bear Case for Amazon

Because it has a wide portfolio of assets across industries and roughly $35 billion in cash, Amazon doesn't necessarily encounter problems as a result of its business model. Macroeconomic conditions and their ripple consequences are the main issues. The overall revenues and profitability of the company could be harmed by lower consumer spending and cost-cutting initiatives by firms. Additionally, Amazon's foreign exchange transactions are being impacted by global inflation.

In addition, Amazon is under scrutiny by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority for allegations that it engages in deceptive business tactics to promote both its own goods and those of merchants who utilize its order fulfilment service. The IT giant is also being closely monitored by EU regulators, who might levy fines if they find antitrust problems.

Is Amazon a Good Long Term Stock ?

We would advise every investor to keep a careful eye on the stocks and those who are preparing to acquire. The best time for you is right now. However, it is advised to hold onto the stocks for longer since the price could increase in the next years, per our estimations. To increase the price and accomplish your goal of buying the stocks, we advise you to trade or buy more stocks.

Before beginning with these investment recommendations, one should conduct their own research and analysis. Before making any decisions, speak with a financial expert because both investing and trading carry a significant amount of risk.

According to our analysis and the thorough market research conducted by numerous other economic experts and analysts, Amazon investors always seem to have a bright future. Despite mediocre performance in any given quarter, analysts and investors agree that Amazon has a lot of long-term potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Amazon shares worth buying?
Both the short- and long-term forecasts indicate that Amazon may be a wise investment. The majority of analysts concur that it's not a stock to purchase in order to make money quickly. Given that everyone anticipates that the price will rise in the future, investing in AMZN can be a solid long-term position. Investors who sell too soon risk having a very negative experience.

Does Amazon offer dividends?
No matter if you're a current investor or a potential one, it's important to know that Amazon has never distributed a dividend.

Will Amazon stock go up or down?
All signs point to Amazon's (AMZN) stock rising further. The stock price is anticipated to fluctuate up and down occasionally, but over the long term, most investors anticipate that it will gain more than it loses.

When will Amazon stock reach $1000?
As the stock is anticipated to expand steadily over the next few years, Amazon stock could eventually hit $1000. Even while it might not reach $1,000 in another 10 years, it might do so in 2050. The rate at which Amazon expands its current companies and develops or acquires new ones could affect when its stock price reaches $1000.

Is Amazon a buy, hold or sell?
Based on 36 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings, Amazon has a consensus rating of "Strong Buy."

How many stocks are there on Amazon?
Amazon had 10.2 billion shares outstanding as of October 19, 2022.

Will AMZN stock price fall or drop?
In fact, the price of Amazon stock could fall from 98.275 USD to 80.031 USD. It will change by -18.564%.

What will Amazon stock be worth in 2023?
In December 2023, the price of Amazon stock might reach $215.95 if experts' 12-month price estimates come true.

How much will Amazon be worth in 2030?
According to Amazon AMZN Stock projection data, the stock may hit its peak price of $1,166 by 2030.

How much will Amazon stock be in 5 years?
According to the most recent data analysis of the Amazon AMZN Stock, AMZN will likely hit its highest price of $530 in the past five years.