Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) contains a list of federally funded assistance programs that are available across the federal government and are accessible for a range of objectives and possible beneficiaries.

What is Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance ?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is a government-wide collection of the federal programs that provide programs, services, projects and activities. It is provided to American citizens by several U.S. government agencies. It includes a financial and non-financial aid program run by federal agency departments and establishments.

The Catalog's main goal is to assist the public in achieving the applicant's particular objectives. Additionally, the Catalog aims to improve cooperation and communication between the federal, state, and municipal governments.

The federal assistance database is described as a function of a federal agency that offers aid to the states, territorial possessions, countries, cities, or branches thereof, as well as to any domestic for-profit or nonprofit organization, institution, person, or other federal agency. Since 2018, the website portal has provided free access to the CFDA's content.

Key Facts of Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

  • The Catalog of Federal Domestic Support is a list of all federal projects, initiatives, services, and initiatives that offer benefits or assistance to a range of recipients.
  • The website contains a collection of the CFDA's content.
  • The government grants, loans, scholarships, counselling, and other assistance programs that are available to the American people were described in depth by CFDA.
  • Corporations, governments, American citizens, and territories were among the beneficiaries of CFDA awards.

How Does Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Work ?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) was a collection of federal U.S. assistance initiatives that offered a comprehensive list of programs accessible to businesses, governments, American citizens, and territories.

Numerous agencies and departments of the U.S. federal government provide grants, loans, scholarships, real estate, counselling, and other forms of aid to citizens of the country. The General Services Administration has been compiling data regarding these domestic assistance programs since 1984 and has made it available in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance.

There are 2293 domestic aid programs offered by the federal government. 521 programs are available through the Department of Health and Human Services. Several organizations, including the departments of the interior, agriculture, justice, and housing and development, provide high volume aid programs.

Programs featured in the catalogue each had a special five-digit number to identify them. After being combined with other government systems programs to improve the rewards process, the CFDA website was deactivated in 2018.

Entities that used the catalog of federal domestic assistance included :
  • Individuals
  • Companies
  • State and local governments (including the District of Columbia)
  • Federally recognized Native American tribal governments
  • Nonprofit organizations (NPOs)

A unique number was given to each program that was listed online by the government and the program, providing data and financing transparency. Each CFDA number had five digits and was represented by the string ##.###. The last three digits represented the actual program, while the first two digits identified the agency in charge.

What is a CFDA Number ?

All federal financial assistance and nonfinancial assistance programs that are open to different applicants are included in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, an E-Gov effort run by the General Services Administration (GSA).

The CFDA assists users in discovering broad details about the aid, pinpointing program goals, determining eligibility conditions, and providing access to live opportunities on that are relevant to a specific assistance listing.

The system for classifying and categorizing the more than 2,000 federal programs uses CFDA numbers. Each CFDA number has five digits and is formatted as follows, ##.###. (e.g., 10.001 or 98.102).

The CFDA was recently transferred by GSA from the defunct to, where it is currently known as Assistance Listings.

Visit, choose "Assistance Listings" from the search drop-down menu, insert a keyword or number, and then press the Search button to search the Assistance Listings.

When you locate a government aid listing that piques your interest, you may either follow up with that particular agency using the contact details provided on, or you can link directly to grant opportunities on

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance Website

In May 2018, the catalogue and nine other federal government programs were streamlined. This required shutting down the CFDA website and switching to the online platform. For individuals with the proper authorization, the goal was to make doing business with the government simpler. The Assistance Listings part of the brand-new website now offers access to the CFDA and these other systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog legitimate?
Yes, the federal government sponsors the CFDA and the initiatives made available through However, watch out for grant frauds that can impersonate the CFDA in an effort to con you. The government alerts you that those trying to deceive you may pose as representatives of the "Community for Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)" or another group with a similar name, not the federally-run Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). They do identify themselves as CFDA agents.

What Is the New Name of the CFDA?
The CFDA is now located at as of 2018. The System for Award Management is the name of this government sponsored website.

Is Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance real?
The CFDA is a list of Federal projects, programs, services, and other initiatives that the government as a whole uses to help or benefit a range of recipients. The CFDA lists all federal government departments' and agencies' financial and non-financial aid initiatives.