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Environmental Pollution Related Clearances For Entrepreneur

Environmental Pollution Related Clearances For Entrepreneur

What is Environmental Pollution Related Clearances For Establishment Industry ?

One of the most critical ecological issues is the environmental pollution. Air, land (or soil) and water are the three fundamental elements necessary for sustenance of life. In past, all these elements were in pure, undisturbed, uncontaminated form and many species lived there. But now the situation is changed as serious ecological problems are being observed due to progress in science and technology consequently resulting in environmental pollution causing serious threats to different species and mankind. Urban industrial technological revolution and speedy exploitation of different natural resources are the main causes of environmental pollution.

Thus, it becomes essential for the entrepreneurs to obtain environmental pollution-related clearances from the government. These clearances include statutory clearances relating to pollution control and environment conservation. These clearances are essential for establishing industrial project in certain industries. There are mainly 29 industries where environmental pollution-related clearances are required. These industries may include petrochemical complexes, petroleum refineries, cement, thermal power plants, fertilizers, dyes, paper and so on. However, in cases where the capital investment in such industries is less than 5 crores, there is no requirement of these clearances unless the projects are not related to pesticides, bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals, asbestos and asbestos products, integrated paint complexes, mining projects, certain tourism projects, tarred roads in Himalayan areas. distilleries, dyes, foundries and electroplating Similarly, no environmental clearance from central government is required for the item reserved for the small-scale sector having investment of not more than 1 crore. In order to provide clearance to certain power plants, some powers are also provided to the State Governments. Moreover, different types of guidelines are laid for some specific business locations considered ecologically fragile.

What are the Environmental Pollution Related Clearances An Entrepreneur Should Obtain ?

Major environmental pollution-related clearances are stated as below :

1) Environment Pollution Control : 
Before initiating any construction activity, entrepreneurs are required to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from State Pollution Control Board. A full-fledged or rapid Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required to be conducted for units characterized as highly polluting and further has to be submitted to the State Pollution Control Board for approval.

2) Industries Requiring Water and Affecting Effluent Disposal : 
Issue of NOC certificate from State Pollution Control Board is essential before the commencement of any construction activity for industries requiring water and effluent disposal.

3) For Units Functioning Outside the Industrial Area: 
Business units that are functioning outside the industrial region require permission from the municipal corporation/ municipality/ panchayat. Also, the entrepreneur needs to change the private agricultural land into industrial zone if such lands are bought for industrial projects which can be obtained from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning before starting any construction activity.

4) Registration and Licensing of a Boiler : 
Safety clearances from the Chief Inspector of Boilers and Chief Electrical Inspector are required before initiating any operation with pressure and electrical vessels (like boilers).

5) For Registration as a 100 Per Cent Export-1 Oriented Unit (EOU) : 
Entrepreneurs are required to obtain clearance from Development Commissioner of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to be recognized as 100 per cent Export Oriented Unit (EOU) so that various incentives can be gained. Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) will provide the clearance if the company is willing to issue equity shares to the public.

NOC From Pollution Board 

It is essential for all new intending projects, whether developmental or industrial, to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) or Consent to Establish from State Pollution Control Board under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. Industries are classified into different groups, viz. special red, ordinary red, orange, green and exempted, depending upon their pollution and hazard potential. All these restrictions and classifications must be considered by entrepreneurs during the selection of land for their business units.

The various vital information and documents required to be submitted with the application form for obtaining NOC from pollution board are listed as below :

1) Information :
  • List of products manufactured (with quantity) and raw materials consumed (with quantity) per day. 
  • Flowcharts and details of manufacturing process. 
  • Quantity of water and type of fuels consumed per day.
  • Amount of liquid wastes generated per day and its nature.
  • Anticipated quantity and nature of gaseous emissions (fuel burning and operations). 
  • Anticipated quantity and nature of solid wastes generated including hazardous solid waste. 
  • Proposal for controlling/treatment of liquid, solid and gaseous emissions.

2) Documents :
  • Location map.
  • Attested copies of land deed/allotment letter/lease document/rent receipt, etc.
  • No objections and site clearance from local authority.
  • Affidavit in prescribed format. 
  • Technical report for pollution control measures.

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